PS3 3D Details: Graphics Compromised, Resolution and Frames Per Second Cut

So far details regarding the PS3’s upcoming 3D capabilities have been scarce, however we have recently heard that adding 3D to an existing title will in fact cut the game’s resolution and frame rate.

Digital Foundry suggest that part of the process which Sony’s team undertake to add 3D output to a game will in fact be detrimental to the games output quaility (ignoring the added 3D support).

Apparently to add 3D to Wipeout it will cut content from its existing 2D 1080p at 60 frames per second to 3D 720p content at 30fps, from what we can see this will be the case with pretty much all existing titled, hwo do you feel about this news?

To be honest I think that the main interest will surround new titles with 3D support, therefore the content change in existing titles isn’t too much of a disappointment, lets just hope all of the upcoming 3D games run at the full 1080p resolution with 60fps framerate.

Source: SlashGear


  • They have to program it correctly by having it at half the frame rate with 720 resolution they were able to make a game that wasn't 3D with 3D.


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