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Nexus One: Vodafone Release Date looms, Verizon on hold?

We have some fantastic news for Vodafone customers in the UK now, as it looks certain that the Google Nexus One handset will be available before the end of the month – i.e next week?

As reported from Phandroid, Vodafone has now updated their website, more specificially – their Nexus One page. You’ll now see a tag next to the phone which says ‘Nexus One – coming soon to Vodafone’, while the info on the right indicates that the phone will be landing in ‘April’.

Well, by our calculations, it means that the phone could be dropping sometime next week – we’ll try and clear this up for you soon.

While Vodafone customers get excited, it seems like the Nexus One release rumors for Verizon customers are pretty much dead and buried. We all thought the phone would release at CTIA Wireless 2010, but we haven’t heard anything since. And yes – Google STILL has the Nexus One listed for release on Verizon on their website.

Let us know your thoughts on this. Will you be picking up the Nexus One on Vodafone? How do Verizon customers feel at the moment?


  • Andy

    Unfortunately, if you check Vodafones site, it went back to "Coming Soon" this morning

  • D Hodge

    I'm honestly torn between the two phones. I want the incredible, but I also want the google experience from the nexus one. If vzw continues to play these games with the N1 i'm going to just get the incredible.

  • Jose

    Yeah it's too bad they're making us wait. Personally I think the Incredible looks too cheap, meaning plastic. Since they're making us wait so long they should throw in a discount or something extra. Perhaps a docking station.

  • FSC

    as a verizon guy.. im pissed.. because assuming that the problems on 3g are only for tmobile… verizon customers shudnt have too much of a problem if at&t customers arent… verizon already has a shipment of the nexus one in their warehouse.. it's all got to do with hype and making sure the product is up to par…. also note that the at&t and tmobile versions are sim card users… while verizons is cdma with no sim card. which cuts some of the processing that it has to do to get signal

    • But why would you want the Nexus One, when the Incredible is due out on the 29th FSC? Just a thought.

      • Paul

        Because the Nexus one will get OS and other updates faster, has car dock/gps and other accessories, it physically looks nicer and more refined, and because frankly, I trust the Google brand more than the Verizon brand. If you think 3 extra megapixels for a camera is a selling point, well then grab your Incredible and enjoy yourself.

        • Jordan

          Not to mention the noise cancellation, voice recognition, and processor that isn't under-clocked. Also, Sense UI looks tacky to me and restricts some features of full Android.


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