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New iPhone Apps in 2010: HoneyBees! 1.0

A useful new app that teaches everything you need to know about honeybees has just been released for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. HoneyBees! 1.0 is a fascinating educational app that goes into the world of beekeeping and honeybees.

Launched by Smiley Cat Software, the app is great for people wanting to learn about honeybees from gardeners, beekeepers, homeowners, and students. There are lovelly photographs which are used to aid the teaching about how the bees live, work and take care of each other.

A beekeepers diary section shows the work of the beekeeper and how the hives are cared for. The app follows the work from January through to spring as the bees start their work collecting pollen and nectar. Updates are added throughout the year as the bees work progresses.

The app has information about bee life cycle, diseases, how important bees are for the enviroment and economy, and where to order beekeeping equipment. Users will find the app educational and entertaining.

HoneyBees! 1.0 is on the App Store for only $1.99. iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch required with OS 2.1 or later.



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