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New iPhone 4G/HD 2010: Concept makes prototype better?

We’ve seen a fair amount of iPhone 4G/HD concept phone designs throughout the last few months – but this one is slightly different. It has been inspired by the actual iPhone 4G prototype that was obtained by Gizmodo recently.

As reported from RedmondPie, this new design has come to us courtesy of artist Anthony De Rosa of ADR Studio. He explains that, even though Gizmodo leaked the prototype for everyone, it is likely that Apple could still make a few visual tweaks to the iPhone 4G before release – expected sometime this Summer.

As for his design – he has chosen to bring back the ’rounded’ finish on the back of the case, but keeps the stylish aluminium plating around the edges of the device. It looks pretty slick you have to admit, although I have to say that I was a fan of the ‘flat’ finish as seen in the prototype.

Have a look at the new concept below and let us know what you think. Do you prefer this design to the prototype or not?


  • Andrew

    I prefer the new concept as it look more real and cool better than the prototype which look flat . I would rather spent my money to buy the new concept than the prototype .

  • Harka

    agree with t.y. i like this design the other design looks crap. like those boring square phones people wont even recognize if its an iphone or not even though it says apple at back.

  • lanty

    meh it best have a 5mega pixle camera at least, 3.2 atm is pathetic

  • My blackberry and I have had an intense, tumultuous, love-hate relationship for 3.5 years. Even when over slicker, hotter phones came around (iPhone 2007), I stuck with my little pocket pal. However, with 3 broken Bolds in 6 months, a horrible AT&T network, and terrible customer service, it’s becoming harder and harder to resist what seems inevitable.

    The photo leak of the upcoming iPhone 4G this week has only increased my longing to make the switch. More on the details of this new model and about the reasons I’ve finally come to the conclusion that I’ll be putting down my trackball and BBM once and for all this July here:

  • Cindy

    I am in love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cindy

    I am in love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • T.Y.

    Hell Yea I prefer the new (possible) design to the prototype. The prototype was too flat and square. Just like other regular, boring phones.
    What makes the iphone so classy, elegant and better that the other phones is its way of differentiating itself from the phones with it's shape (aswell as its technology). The rounded shape IS iphone and it wouldn't be an iphone without that main characteristic.
    I like that they kept most of the design like the prototype, because the 4g now differs from the 3g(s). So it's innovative yet staying true to it's roots. The "stylish aluminum plating" gives it a slick, modern look.

    You just can't say enough to how great this design looks. Soooo I 100% agree with this new design and I hope they keep it.
    Btw, in a general sense this design is just WAY better looking than the prototype. The prototype was just too butch. This design still has some sexiness, Thank God.

  • Kyle A

    Honestly looks just like a 3GS with a larger screen.


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