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New iPad Game: Like a real Jigsaw Puzzle

Fans of the jigsaw can now enjoy the past time with the launch of an app for the iPad. Frog Jig 1.0 is the most realistic jigsaw puzzle that has been developed for the iPad since its launch. The app takes advantage of the iPads larger screen.

Released by Massachusetts based DLdeveloper, Inc. the app has a variety of nature photo puzzles in 48, 100, and 225 piece options. These pieces move as if they are real and contained inside the iPad.

A simple tap flips a puzzle piece over, and pieces are easily rotated and snapped together using the iPad touch screen. When a photo is broken pieces bounce and flips around the screen before settling at the bottom of the screen in a pile.

The nature puzzles in the app include; turtles, Red Rock Canyon, water flowers, with additional puzzle sets to be made available in future versions. There are thirty different puzzles in ten sets of three, and photo album access is free with the first puzzle set purchase. Completed puzzles can be viewed with a gallery slideshow.

Frog Jig 1.0 is on the App Store for only $1.99, with additional sets available within the app for $0.99. iPad required with OS 3.2 or later.



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