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NCAA Football 11: A Brief Look at the features

If you have been looking forward to the release of NCAA Football 11 you may want to check out GameStop’s recent post, here they talk about some of the game’s main features.

The new features they talk about include ‘An All-New Locomotion System’, ‘Play the Way the Schools Do’, ‘ESPN Broadcast Package Integration’ and ‘Real Assignment AI’, we will briefly look at these features below, however fore detailed information check out GameStop.

The new locomotion system should make movements more realistic, also you will be able to use tactics from your favorite schools, these include the “no-huddle” spread, triple option, wishbone, wild hog and much more.

The new ESPN Broadcast Package Integration aims to deliver a ‘realer’ gaming experience, broadcasters Kirk Herbstreit and Brad Nessler will breakdown your game’s action with fitting commentary, also Erin Andrews will update you with news from the sidelines, such as injuries etc.

One other change should make game a lot more tactical, this addition is dubbed ‘Real Assignment AI’, this allows you to assign players to double-team opponents and use specific running lanes, for more details check out the GameStop link posted earlier.



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