Microsoft’s Third Quarter Fiscal Results: Pretty Promising

By Jamie Pert - Apr 23, 2010

Microsoft have recently released details regarding their third quarter fiscal earnings, on the whole it seems as if they are still headed in the right direction, probably thanks to a successful launch of their Windows 7 Operating System.

Apparently in the third quarter (ending March 31st) their revenue reached an impressive $14.5 billion, this gives the company a net income of $4.01 billion, which is more than analysts expected.

Microsoft did suffer some losses in some branches of their company, their Online Service Division suffered a $713 million loss, which is worrying given the fact the same division also lost $411 million last year.

It isn’t just Windows 7 pulling in the cash for Microsoft, also their Windows Live software is pulling in a lot of money, next year the figures should be even more impressive thanks to the release of Windows Phone 7, Project Natal and the Kin One and Kin Two.

Source: SlashGear

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