McAfee issue Apology: Do you still have problems?

We have an update on the huge problem facing McAfee users now, as the company has issued an apology, in which they have said sorry to their customers for the issues that have been troubling users this week.

As reported from Computer World, Barry McPherson, who is the company’s executive vice president of support and customer service issued an apology to users late last night.

In relation to the problem in which a recent antivirus update wrongly identified a key Windows component file as a virus, he had this to say:

“I want to apologize on behalf of McAfee and say that we’re extremely sorry for any impact the faulty signature update file may have caused you and your organizations,”

Is the apology enough for users though? We are still getting feedback from you, stating that problems are still occuring for you, despite updates by McAfee.

Let us know your thoughts on this. Full article over at Computer World.


  • Richard Ritty

    Tried the fixes posted on the McAfee site to no avail. Noted the site gives a USA help phone number. But I am in the UK. With the system down I am no longer set up for live technical online support. No UK support phone number given . Moral. In the USA McAfee provides full support. The rest of the world can go hang.

  • John New

    Have lost a full day's work, and I note no offer of compensation. Having to load my back-up file to overwrite drive C: so will also have lost some data. This level of incompetence in lowering quality checking (their own admission) is not what you expect from a previously top notch company. At next renewal may well switch away to Norton

  • David

    My PC restarts insted of shutting down. I was on hold with McAfee for 40 minutes before giving up. I also gave up in their CHAT room after an hour. I guess I will have to wait a few days for things to quiet down.

  • laura

    It has cost me over $1500 in repair bills as I have touch screens in my small business; and I didnt know there was any issue with McAfee. We need to hold them accountable. Its BS to say sorry-thats ridiculous and bad business. Class Action lawsuit.

  • McAfee should offer free future upgrades to home and small business users in compensation. Most home PC users will not necessarily have the knowledge to recover operating systems without recourse to specialist assistance. This will cost time and money. As a small business we lost a days productivity and still only two out of three of our computers have been recovered. An 'apology' does not really go far enough in my opinion.

    • A Thakrar

      Absolutely so. I contacted Mcafee on Saturday 23rd April having been shutdown for two days. The autmated too or manual fix did not work and I was rudely told by their Live Chat slaes assistant that there was no technical support available until Monday 26th April. They suggested that I had a Computer Virus now and could SELL me a fixing tool for £60.00 for each computer I had !
      Should Mcafee not remove any virus that has hit your system free of charge?

  • Will Chandler

    I work for a prominent bank in Australia and a large number of the back office computers were affected. A lot of them were up and running after lunch however my particular team were twiddling our thumbs all day until knock off time when some techies came to the rescue.

    It will be interesting to see if McAfee are held accountable for the loss of productivity and sales of affected companies.


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