Lose a new iPhone 4G prototype? We’ll give you free beer!

By Alan Ng - Apr 23, 2010

Well this is quite amusing. You remember how an Apple Software Engineer lost that super-secret iPhone 4G prototype while drinking in a German bar? German airline Lufthansa has offered their support over the situation by offering Gray Powell free beer and a business class flight to Munich.

As reported from The Register, Lufthansa has picked up on the fact that 27 year old Powell was drinking in a specialist German Beer Garden in California and offered a much-needed break for the engineer.

Nicola C Lange from the company sent an open letter to Mr Powell on Twitter, giving him the opportunity to fly to Munich to ‘pick up where he left off’ and sample the finest beers in Germany.

At this current time, Powell has not responded to the request – but I hope he goes. Free beer Gray, just remember that. Below is a copy of the letter so you can see for yourself.

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