Google Earth’s Building Maker: 3D Maps of St Louis added

We have some good news for regular users of Google’s Builder Maker software now, as they have just added another major city for you to play around with. How does St Louis sound to you?

As reported from the GEarthBlog, it seems as if Google has not forgotten about the potentials of Building Maker. The addition of St Louis now brings the total amount of cities to 88 cities, which includes the likes of Washington, Helsinki and Sapporo.

If you didn’t know too much about Google Building Maker, you should definitely give it a go, its free and allows you to create 3D designs for inclusion in Google Earth if they get accepted. Visit the website here for more details.

As for St Louis, you can get started on the city straight away, as the tools have now been added to the software. Select St Louis as your city of choice and then you’re off! Let us know how you get on.



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