Eco-Envi carrying case for Apple iPad

A stylish new case has just been released for owners of the iPad. The Eco-Envi is a neat and slim envelope style case, made from high quality eco-leather that provides a perfect fit.

Manufactured and designed by Marware Inc, the case has a soft fleece interior that stops the iPad getting any scratches, while the Velcro closure keeps it nice and secure. The case is made from high quality premium eco-leather that has contrast stitching that really sets off the stylish look and feel of the product.

The Eco-Envi has the manufactures life time warranty, and is available in white or black eco-leather. Marware is a leading provider of eco-conscious accessory and software for Apple iPads, iPods, iPhone, and Notebooks.

The Eco-Envi sells for only $49.99. For more information and to purchase please visit the Marware website.

What case do you use for your iPad? Can you recommend it to our readers?



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