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Apple iPhone 5G: Will it be disguised like the 4G too?

We have an interesting article for you to read now, which focuses specifically on that special custom designed case that Apple used to disguise their iPhone 4G prototype as a iPhone 3GS.

As reported from Gizmodo, the case is pretty sophistated and was designed using molded plastic, to which the new design was able to fit inside as the perfect disguise.

It makes you wonder ever since the prototype was lost, just how many other iPhone 4G prototypes are out there concealed in a case like the one Gizmodo found.

Now that Apple’s secret is out on the fake cases, will they choose to go down this route with the iPhone 5G? The cases are so good, that we wouldnt be surprised if they did create another one up from stratch.

Let us know your thoughts on this.


  • No name

    I thought you said it would be interesting.

  • No name

    I thought you said it would be interesting.


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