PS3 Update 3.30 Bricking Consoles?: 3 Beeps / No Green Power Light

By Jamie Pert - Apr 22, 2010

Earlier on today we posted an article regarding the new PS3 firmware update (3.30), in this post we asked our readers whether they were experiencing problems with updating their PlayStation 3, we have heard at least two cases of the update bricking consoles.

It could just be a coincidence, however we thought we would ask our readers to fill out a simple poll, this poll is at the end of the post, please take the time out to answer the question as if the problem is widespread we will attempt to contact Sony for you all.

For those of you who do not know what ‘bricking’ is, it is a term used when a device loses all functionality (doesn’t turn on), it’s commonly used when smartphones do not turn on after an update, leaving the handset ‘bricked’.

Later today we will post a follow-up article letting you know how widespread the problem is, it could just be a small minority of consoles which are affected, personally if it was me I wouldn’t update my console until I new for sure that this was not a common problem.

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