PS3 Update 3.30: List of recommended 3D Glasses

By Alan Ng - Apr 22, 2010

For those of you who are looking forward to experiencing 3D gaming on your Playstation 3 this Summer, we have a very useful article for you to check out now, which lists some of the recommended 3D glasses that will optimize your game even further.

As reported from Meodia, glasses specialists Gunnar has detailed a list of their 3D products which aim to improve your 3D gaming or movie watching experience considerably.

It certaintly looks like you’ll get the most out of 3D with a pair of these specs. If you check out the images included in the website above, you’ll see how an image looks like with a pair of normal 3D glasses, compared to the same result using a pair of Gunnar specs.

Once you’ve read all the necessary details and checked out the pictures, you can head straight to Amazon here and buy if you’re interested.

You may feel it is a little pricey though. What are your thoughts on the glasses? Do you want to try a pair of these out, or will you be happy with the box ones you get from a Sony Bravia set?

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  • Hawiianaloha

    ok we just bought a new 3d tv a samsng then we bought these glasses we charged them both pairs but it dosent seem like any thing is in 3d no movies no games could any one give us a suggestion

  • Ed

    Yes they are active shutter glasses the lens are LCD you really can’t tell by looking at these pics unless you own a pair. There is a a small ir sensor above the nose that receives the 3D signal from the emmiter in the television. But that is the extent of everybodies complaint is the price and that they look cheap or not like shutters. But once you experience them youll be satisfied.

  • barry

    Obvious a lame attempt to confuse people, deceptive advertising to make a buck. Definitely not active shutter glasses. Alan Ng wants a amazon commission

  • No, those aren't active shutter glasses. Near as I can tell, nVidia is currently the only one making those.

  • Nate

    Um… it doesn't look like they're active shutter (which will be required for the PS3 3d experience), these would be great for the movies but I'd have to watch a *lot* of 3d movies to justify buying a $100+ prescription pair of 3d glasses for the theater. These look built for Roger Ebert.