PS3 Update 3.30: List of Post Install Problems

By Jamie Pert - Apr 22, 2010

Today seems to have been a frustrating day for some of you PS3 gamers out there, it all sounded so promising when Sony announced that the compulsory firmware update (version 3.30) would add stereoscopic 3D support along with a refined trophy system, however we have been hounded with reports of problems.

There seem to be four main problems which people are reporting only occurred after installing the update, the worst of the three is that the console becomes ‘bricked’ following the update, which basically means your PS3 has magically turned into nothing more than a glorified paperweight, the other three issues are bad, but not that bad.

The other problems fall into three categories, a lot of readers are complaining that the update has resulted in the PS3 no longer reading discs, other readers are reporting that wireless controllers no longer connect with the console, and finally a small minority of people suggest that there are sound-related issues.

Although it is not a post install problem we are hearing that some people cannot even successfully download this update, we would usually recommend downloading it to a memory stick, however given all of the reported problems we believe that it may be worth waiting until tomorrow perhaps, if you understand the risks check out this link.

Sony have not yet officially acknowledged the problems, therefore try to keep us posted with your problems and solutions, we will then do our best to keep you informed with the situation.

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