PS3 Update 3.30 Hidden Features: Flash, BD and PC

By Peter Chubb - Apr 22, 2010

We mentioned this morning that Sony released Firmware update 3.30, with new features including: 3D support for games and a number of Trophy updates. However, we have just learned of a few hidden features – one of which is an updated version of Flash for the PlayStation 3 browser.

This update now makes your YouTube experience much better than before. Two other hidden features are a new BD Audio Output and PC remote play, which TheSixthAxis is investigating. That’s not all; we have also learned that the issue with some region-free Blu-ray disks has been fixed.

PS3 firmware 3.30 was not an extensive update, just more tweaks ready for the more important one, which should be available within the next few weeks. We reported this morning that there were a number of issues with this latest firmware update, such as no green power light. That’s all we have for now, once we know more we will update you.

Let us know you have seen any other hidden features?

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