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PS3 Firmware Update 3.30: Are You Experiencing Problems?

Earlier on today we posted an article, which revealed that a new firmware update was available for the Sony PlayStation 3, the last update Sony release (3.21) removed some functionality, however this new update adds new functionality.

This update brings the console to firmware version 3.30, the main new functionality is 3D support, which in the summer will be utilized by PS3 titles, also later in the year 3D Blu-ray movie support will be added.

There are other changes to the console as well, one of which adds new ways to sort your trophy collection, other details are scarce at the moment, however I am sure there are a lot more less-noticeable changes added.

This update is a mandatory update, therefore if your console is connected to the Internet it should force the update upon boot, if you have trouble downloading the update you can grab it from the PlayStation website.

As the update is going out to millions of consoles I am sure there will be a few problems for some gamers, if you are experiencing any problems please let us know about them in the comments section, for more information check out the link below.

Source: JoyStiq



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