Nokia: Competing with iPhone 4G and Verizon Incredible

By Alan Ng - Apr 22, 2010

While Apple posted significant profits for their iPhone this week, we have heard that Nokia are struggling to keep up with the competition, after the company fell far short of their quarterly estimates.

As reported from Apple Insider, Nokia revealed that they earnt 349 million euros, or $465 million, in the first quarter of this year. While this figure beat last year’s figures, it was still short on what the company as well as analysts expected.

Nokia Chief Exeuctive Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo had this to say about the results: “We continue to face tough competition with respect to the high end of our mobile device portfolio.”

That statement is particularly worrying, since the worst is probably yet to come. Apple are widely expected to release their next iPhone device this Summer, while Verizon’s customers have the HTC Droid Incredible which will drive their sales forward. On top of this, we’ve just heard that their Symbian^3 platform has now been delayed into Q3 this year.

What do Nokia have? Well, theres the N8-00 device with a rumored 12 megapixel camera, but thats all it is at the moment – rumors. If Nokia are going to compete with the likes of the iPhone 4G and Verizon Incredible, then they really should get their high-end smartphones out as soon as possible.

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