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McAfee Anti-Virus Identifies Windows File as a Virus

A number of people who have McAfee Anti-Virus installed on their computers were left scratching their heads when the software identified a harmless Windows file as a virus. Frustrated users at first thought that their computers had a virus, but it turns out that McAfee’s corporate anti-virus update was to blame.

McAfee has since admitted that its antivirus program was to blame for identifying the harmless file as a virus. They have now made another update available for download, which you should do now. Once you do a manual update the problem will be gone, that’s according to Yobie Benjamin from SFGate.

This does make you worry; we put so much trust into our antivirus software – only for it to let us down. We just hope that people did not do something stupid and try to format their computers so that they could remove the virus. This was not the first time and will not be the last that your antivirus software will act strangely.


  • Roy Matherly

    Which windows file did mcafee think was a virus??


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