Lost Planet 2 (Xbox 360): Multiplayer Demo Live / Your Thoughts

By Jamie Pert - Apr 22, 2010

If you have been unsure as to whether or not to buy Lost Planet 2 why not check out the recently released Xbox 360 multiplayer demo, this demo can be added to your download queue here.

The download itself is 537 MB in size and is freely available to all Xbox Live Gold members, this multiplayer demo allows 16 players to battle it out with new weapons on a new map, this map is called Turbulent Jungle.

The demo allows you to play two different game modes, these game modes were featured in the first Lost Planet game, they are Elimination and Post Grab.

If you have played the demo we would love to hear your verdicts, therefore feel free to share all of your opinions in the comments section below, for more details check out the JoyStiq link.

Source: JoyStiq

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