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Lost iPhone 4G: Top Ten Excuses

The biggest news of the week was not the Volcano in Iceland causing havoc in Europe, it was the news that an Apple engineer accidently left a prototype of the iPhone 4G in a bar. Not certain what he was doing with this top-secret phone, but all we care about is the new iPhone smartphone and what it has to offer.

Gray Powell, was the guy guilty of leaving the iPhone 4G / HD / Pro / 3GS-2 or whatever you want to call it. Since then a number of people have poked fun out of Powell, but come on – he does deserve it. We wonder what his excuse was for the leaving the phone in a bar?

David Letterman thought that he would have some fun with this story, which is where the list of top ten excuses for the losing the iPhone come in, these include:

  • 10. “Couldn’t call Apple for help because I lost my iPhone.”
  • 9. “I’m more of a Kindle guy.”
  • 8. “You mean besides being drunk out of my mind?”
  • 7. “Distraught Kate Gosselin kicked off Dancing with the Stars”
  • 6. “Thought there was an app that would whisk it back to my house.”
  • 5. “It must have fallen out of my iPants.”
  • 4. “Volcanic Ash! Run!”
  • 3. “Let’s Just Blame Goldman Sachs.”
  • 2. “At least I didn’t lose my finger like that iPad guy.”
  • 1. “It didn’t work, anyway—it uses AT&T.”

If you had to pick your best one from the list, which one would that be?
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