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iPhone 4G: Gizmodo’s Prototype unit will be final version

We have more interesting details on the iPhone 4G prototype device now, as Daring Fireball’s John Gruber has revealed that the prototype unit that Gizmodo obtained is very likely to be the final version that Apple releases this Summer.

As reported from Apple Insider, Gruber has studied the barcode featured on the infamous device, concluding that the barcode actually states just how long Apple’s stage of development for the iPhone 4G is currently at.

The barcode reads “N90_DVT-GE4X_0493,” with Gruber stating that ‘N90’ is actually Apple’s codename for the iPhone 4G, while ‘DVT’ stands for ‘design verification test.

With this in mind, here is what Gruber had to say: ”The DVT milestone is very late in the game; based on this, I now believe that this unit very closely, if not exactly, resembles what Apple plans to release.”

After Gizmodo leaked the device, many were predicting that Apple could still alter the device significantly, since it was just a ‘prototype’ device, but Gruber’s revelations seems to suggest that Apple will make no changes from now until release this Summer.

What are your thoughts on this? We wouldn’t be too bothered if the prototype unit IS the final version released – we love the design.


  • motwera

    why the hell they name it as n90 as stupid nokia ?


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