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HTC Hero 2.1 Update: Release Date delayed till June

Well, we’re not sure how to break it to you guys, but it seems like the HTC Hero update to Android 2.1 has been delayed yet again. Instead of getting the update sometime in May as expected, you’ll now receive it in June.

As reported from T3, HTC has now issued a fresh statement regarding the highly anticipated update – and it is not good news. Despite all the numerous delays so far, HTC failed to acknowledge user’s frustrations, but instead had this to say about the update:

“HTC will be providing a free update to Éclair for European HTC Hero variants. Starting in June, anyone owning an HTC Hero will receive an initial preparatory update, shortly followed by the full Éclair update.”

Yet another bombshell by HTC Hero. Are you seriously considering updating via other methods, or will you patiently wait it out until June?

You never know guys, the iPhone 4G might be out by then. Let us know your reaction to this latest delay.


  • zoobida

    HTC doesn't care of lot about its current customers
    The iphone HD will probably be out before any update on the hero, many will consider to switch to the apple hype

  • belfast phil

    htc ant doing themselves any favours putting the update back i have lost faith in htc get your finger out!! wife is due an upgrade she likes my hero told her to wate!

  • CrossDomain

    I agree with "Anon". I have been annoyed but waited each time they delayed. After the last disappointment I emailed them and got an email saying how they were definately upgraging starting end of April! Now they are not!!!! I want to develop for Android and cant test half the features on 1.5 and bluetooth support is useless. I'm thinking of bothering the Android platform altogether since I have to change phone anyway.

  • Anon

    This all has passed the level of frustration I am comfortable with. Tickling my balls with rumors of this impending update for over 6 months now has left a sore that I'm not sure is going to heal properly. This is utter nonsense – how is it that ROM devs can have 2.1 pushed out in Dec '09 and here in April '10 we're being told by HTC that their difficulties with the same ROM upgrade is giving them problems that are setting them back another 2 months? Since my satisfaction is apparently not a priority for this company I'm going to sell my hero and buy any phone that isn't manufactured by HTC.

  • I am seriously considering buying a nexus one or a dev phone from google

    • AA

      uh…. you DO know that the nexus one IS made by HTC and updates from their site?


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