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HTC Droid Incredible: New Video shows TV-Out Features

We have another HTC Droid Incredible video to show you now, this time we have a short clip which demonstrates the impressive TV-out features on the handset.

If you are unaware by now, the phone will be landing on Verizon at the end of the month – April 29th to be exact. Pre-orders are already available for the device, either direct from Verizon, or from Best Buy as well.

The video here shows you a handset connected up to a Samsung rig, allowing you to control the phone just as you would normally, but with a much bigger display screen.

At the end we see a video playing in full screen – looks pretty impressive doesn’t it? I bet you can’t wait to pick yours up now after seeing that.

Watch it below and let us know your thoughts on the device. Will you be using TV-out a lot?




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