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Halo Reach (Xbox 360): ‘Legendary Edition’ will cost $150

We have some essential news for Xbox 360 owners looking to pick up Halo Reach now, as we are hearing that there will be three versions of the game to buy – with the most expensive one costing you a cool $150.

As reported from from VG247, the three versions are: the Standard Edition, Limited Edition and the Legendary Edition. A collection of screenshots of the three versions have been released, which you can find up at this website.

The normal retail version will come in at $60, but the Limited Edition costs $80 and consists of a special limited edition case, in-game armor and various collectibles.

However, for die hard Halo fanatics – you might want to consider the Legendary Edition. For a whopping $150, you’ll get everything included in the LE plus a ‘Noble 6′ sculpture and extra in-game armor – plus that large looking storage box.

Is it really worth it though? Depends on how much you like Halo doesn’t it. Let us know your thoughts on each version. Which one will you pick up?



  • In My Opinion

    IMO i think Legendary Edition would be way better at 79.99 it's pointless to have to spend 150$ for Casing, 10" statue, Flaming helmet(multiplayer), Elite armor(multiplayer), and some book(no one is ever guna read anyway). Although the multiplayer bonuses and the 10" statue are fantastic. I wouldn't mind spending an extra 20$ for Multiplayer Bonuses and the 10" statue rather than 150$


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