Halo Reach (Xbox 360): ‘Legendary Edition’ will cost $150

By Alan Ng - Apr 22, 2010

We have some essential news for Xbox 360 owners looking to pick up Halo Reach now, as we are hearing that there will be three versions of the game to buy – with the most expensive one costing you a cool $150.

As reported from from VG247, the three versions are: the Standard Edition, Limited Edition and the Legendary Edition. A collection of screenshots of the three versions have been released, which you can find up at this website.

The normal retail version will come in at $60, but the Limited Edition costs $80 and consists of a special limited edition case, in-game armor and various collectibles.

However, for die hard Halo fanatics – you might want to consider the Legendary Edition. For a whopping $150, you’ll get everything included in the LE plus a ‘Noble 6′ sculpture and extra in-game armor – plus that large looking storage box.

Is it really worth it though? Depends on how much you like Halo doesn’t it. Let us know your thoughts on each version. Which one will you pick up?


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  • Just In Reach

    The only thing i dont like about the halo reach Console is that the dont give you the HDMI or Component Cables… But if you have a spare then it's all good. but you can find good prices one a new HDMI cable for cheap 10$ or so. Limited Edition for me though. and there looking good with diffrent prizes on the Xobx market place for Halo reach stuff, look in to it.

  • Buttercup

    Lol. The Halo:Reach console is a package on it's own and comes with a 250GB HDD slim XBOX 360console, 2 controllers, a wireless mic, a copy of Halo Legends and a standard edition of the game.

  • c.o.p.p.

    the legendary edition does NOT come with the console. That itself is a bundle on its own

  • Shade

    The Legendary edition comes with a custom console for Reach along with 2 controllers. Just like the MW2 360. At $150 for the extra multiplayer stuff and a new console (I'll just keep my 250Gig harddrive from my MW2 Xbox), I think it's worth it.

    • GATRW

      console is separate.

  • Minja

    its actually a really good price considering wut comes with it. all the multiplayer bonuses could be like XBLM downloads for 10 bucks, the book maybe 10, and the tod McFarlane limited edition statuette can easily be over 50 bucks. has anyone seen Tod McFarlane's limited edition action figures, they are like 100 bucks. sounds like a good deal to me, i pre-ordered it 😀

  • Ozone117

    Well i wouldn't mind a statue but i do i have place for it cuz im getting the LE E.D!!! I want da special armor and it comes with all of the LE goodies with extra armor customizable parts


    I've already preorded my legendary edition so im all set FLAMING NINJA HEAD out!

  • In My Opinion

    IMO i think Legendary Edition would be way better at 79.99 it's pointless to have to spend 150$ for Casing, 10" statue, Flaming helmet(multiplayer), Elite armor(multiplayer), and some book(no one is ever guna read anyway). Although the multiplayer bonuses and the 10" statue are fantastic. I wouldn't mind spending an extra 20$ for Multiplayer Bonuses and the 10" statue rather than 150$

  • john

    but if you pre-order the legendary you get the flaming helmet

  • Realist

    You could buy it new for 150$ or wait a few weeks until the retailers realise that they have too many of them and slash the price just like what happened with Halo 3 LE.
    What is it 40$ Now on eBay? I seem to remember it dropping to well under 100$ on eBay within a month after launch.

    • i RuN XbL

      Legendary because I have a job and 150 is easy money for me. i RuN XbL lmfao

    • Mob Barley

      They are making limited quantities this time. Pre-orders are sold out at the Ebgames in my city.

  • bullet

    I'll stick with the regular version. The Legendary one will be around after microsoft milked everyone for $150. Happened with the Halo 3 Legendary Edition, some stores still have it on the shelf as of today for half the price.

    • Ozone117

      There was no Legendary Ed. for halo 3 lol

      • Doom

        yes there was u fucking noob, shows you how much of a halo fan u are.

        • Drakeso

          wow dude settle down. your probly some fat angry nerd. NOOBS will destroy you!

  • Darren

    I’ll definetly be picking up the legendary edition when it’s released.

  • Fred

    Fffffffffff, I can't decide, I want the Legendary, but I'm not 100% sure if it's worth it. D: