Google Earth’s Street View: Indoor Experience coming soon

By Alan Ng - Apr 22, 2010

Some exciting news for regular users of Google’s Street View software now, as we are hearing reports that the company are exploring the possibility of including ‘interior’ views of buildings, on top of their existing exterior views.

As reported from the GEarthBlog, Google are now allowing users to request a photo shoot for their business, which will then be highlighted on Google Places. For example, if you search the name of a particular business within Google Maps, and want to check out some photos for that business, this is what the end result of Google’s photo shoot will produce.

This is just the start, but if it turns out to be a success, we could see internal photos integrated into Street View very soon. There is a very useful video demonstrating how this could work in the link above. Make sure you check it out and give us your thoughts on it.

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