Earth Day 2010: Tips to get involved

As most of you will be aware by visiting Google today, it is officially ‘Earth Day’. We have a great article to show you now, which lists various ideas on how you can participate.

As reported from the Huffington Post, one ideal way for you to contribute to Earth Day, is by going to see Disney Nature’s new film: Oceans. For those that watch the film in it’s first week of opening, a donation will be made to The Nature Conservancy.

If you feel strongly about protecting the world’s rainforests, a website has been set up here, in which visiting the website will help to generate advertising revenue which will go towards saving our rainforests.

Meanwhile, The Environmental Protection Agency is starting a petition for Americans to pick five ways to go green, while there is also a documentary online about the 40 year history of Earth Day if you prefer that.

For full details on the ideas listed above and much more, head over to Huffington Post. Let us know how you intend to do your bit on Earth Day.



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