Dell Lightning Windows 7 Phone: Specs and Renders

By Peter Chubb - Apr 22, 2010

This week seems to be all about smartphone leaks, earlier in the week we had the whole Apple iPhone 4G and Gizmodo saga – although things were rumored to be a little unhanded. However, this latest leak was done intentionally, and that is details of the new Dell Lightning Windows 7 Phone.

Engadget explains that this new smartphone will be a portrait slider, with the renders showing of a WVGA 4.1-inch OLED display. The design is slick, we just hope that the final product looks like this once released. However, I have noticed a slight resemblance to the first LG Chocolate handset.

Once you have gotten over these renders then sit down and get ready to read the specs for the Dell Lighting: A 1GHz Snapdragon processor, that screen we mention above, with 512MB RAM and 1GB of Flash, 8GB MicroSD card storage and a 5-megapixel camera.

That’s not all; you also get a choice of AT&T and T-Mobile 3G. Shipping is expected to be in Q4 2010, with an LTE version expected by late 2011.

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