Apple ARM buyout: iPhone 4G and Royalty Payments

Some interesting news to bring you now, as we are hearing from numerous sources that Apple may be preparing a buyout for UK chip manufacturers ARM.

As reported from Tech Radar, ARM has become quite popular with companies recently, with more and more gadgets being equipped with one of ARM’s mobile chip designs.

You may not be aware, but Apple actually founded ARM in 1990 in a partnership with Acorn, but Steve Jobs eventually decided to sell Apple’s shares of ARM to keep their books healthy. As a result of that, Apple still pay royalty payments to ARM today, since products such as their iPod range are equipped with ARM chips.

If the buyout does happen, could this have any effect on the upcoming iPhone 4G? Probably not, but ARM could play a significant part in further versions of the iPhone. Let us know your thoughts on this.



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