Verizon iPhone 4G and Apple Earnings

Since we just got a look at Apple’s latest earnings, lets recap on them and think what an iPhone 4G on Verizon could do for Apple’s future earnings. iPhone sales helped increase Apple profits by 90 percent, much higher than Wall Street anticipated – shares are now at an all-time high.

According to LA Times, iPhone sales have doubled over the same period last year, more than 8.75 million units have now been shifted since December 27, Apple’s previous record was 8.7 million. A huge number of these sales are thanks to AT&T and its loyal customers, but what if the best selling smartphone was to ever make its way to Verizon?

2010 is the best ever opportunity for Verizon to get an Apple smartphone, this is because the rumored iPhone 4G. The Big Red will be able to handle a number of the new features on the 4th-generation iphone much easier than AT&T, such as video conferencing through the new rumored front facing camera.

If Apple hopes to keep up its strong sales of its iPhone, then a deal with Verizon will need to happen soon. The reason for this is the constant surge of new Android handsets hitting the market – Google is now biggest threat to Apple. We know that they only have a small market share at the moment, with RIM having the most, but we have already started to see a shift in this.

Let us hope that Apple opens up its iPhone to other carriers in the U.S. this year.


  • I feel the same way, chs.

  • chs

    Wishful thinking. Not going to happen.


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