Verizon Email Outage: Sign-in problems and Twitter Updates

Some frustrating news to bring you now, as we are hearing reports that Verizon’s email service has gone down, meaning that all customers have no access to their webmail for the moment.

Users have been getting time out messages when trying to sign-in to the service, which has been down for a number of hours.

Verizon has acknowledged the problem, sending this message via Twitter one hour ago: ”Some Verizon Online customers are unable to access email today. We are working to isolate and resolve this problem”

It must be pretty frustrating not being able to send or receive messages, but these things happen from time to time.

We expect Verizon to fix up the problem asap. Let us know if this problem has affected you in your area. Can you access your email or not?


  • Dave

    Still out in Providence…

  • 4Runner

    I'm in Florida have three email addresses with Verizon. Two of the addresses are unaffected; however the one I use the most has been down since Tuesday the 20th around midnight. Repeated calls to tech support result in prerecorded announcements which update the expected resolution time but this has not been resolved as of 2:30pm. There's no live person at Verizon to speak with. This is unacceptable over two days and I know I have email that is important to me but cannot retrieve it. I am going to change ISP's I am sick of this corporation and their cost-cutting garbage. They act like a monopoly. They have oversubscribed their account base in the Southeast yet refuse to put any capital into higher capacity servers. Like in every economic sector in the U.S., corporations are downgrading service and products and we are rapidly being reduced to third world status. Yet big government and taxes are on the rise. And millions are being enlisted to jump the southern border to become a new voting bloc for the Democrats to keep them in power forever.

  • Out in Santa Monica, CA all day — no send or receive on email acct. Just chatted with a Verizon rep and he said that a major line had been cut in "my" area . . . no time given for restoration of service.


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