Sony Ericsson Xperia X10: Android 2.1 Release Date – September?

By Alan Ng - Apr 21, 2010

We have some good news for Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 owners now, as we are hearing reports that an update to Android 2.1 may be releasing around September time.

As reported from Phandroid, a Sony rep has apparently gone on record to say that a ‘big update’ will be landing on the device in September.

Although he didn’t go into specifics on this, the ‘big’ update that comes to mind, would be the Android 2.1 update, since its the one update that users are mostly waiting for.

Is it too late for Sony Ericsson though? It seems many phone owners are not too bothered about picking up the Xperia X10, especially with the likes of the HTC Droid Incredible around. We recently heard it may be landing on AT&T soon, but how many of you will bother with it?

Let us know your thoughts on the phone.

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  • I must say i'm Rather impressed with the xperia x10 before purchising watched reviews an what not and people complained about having to double tap alot i noticed right away after geting the x10 that there where no touch issues with my x10 i love it recently i got the Samsung Captivate updated with froyo 2.2 and i love that one as well but i find my self going back and forth between the cap and the x10's 8.megapixl cam rocks sometimes its a little shakey but it cool when the HD video updte come out with the 2.1 update this phone is gona be up there with all the top androids Greg – Xperia x10 Owner

  • ive had the x10 for over 4 months and the 8.1 mp camera owns all other phones the pics u can take with that alone a re worth putting up with sony's slowness in updating. but having hd video will definetly be sweet when it does. not to mention i got the phone for 50$ can on a 3 yr plan, what phones with hd recording, 8.1 mp camera and sonys sound quality for mp3's gives that price? sony should address their headset capatability issues with other company's (BOSE!!!!!)

  • Pete

    If i dont get an update soon i will be going for a desire HD. I love my phone but i can be missing out on so much stuff!

  • I hadn’t started up roadmaps, even though had employed them per day or two ahead of however the phone had been rebooted because then. Checking on the about function showed that maps had been the trigger of 70% of the total battery drain. Naturally I killed it, nevertheless it keeps restarting. Now I do not need to uninstall Yahoo maps simply because it is a genuinely useful function and have utilized it effectively as saatnav on quite a few occasions and found it to become additional uptodate and accurate than my dedicated satnav. But is there a setting somewhere that I could tweak to stop it from starting up up except when I start off it myself? Working a activity killer on the scheduled basis and obtaining it kill roadmaps is just not a fix for me, as what comes about when I desire to use it and find it getting killed on a regular basis.

  • cliff

    Well, i has use this phone around 2 week. it a great phone so far i use. please update more apps(games, other nice function that different with I phone)
    Keep it up Sony.

  • James

    Incredible phone, but still I am missing pen with it, usually when my hands are dirty at work.
    All over its worth to have it:)

    • John

      Get the stylus specifically made for the Xperia X10 on ebay for under 10 bucks

  • Pierrick

    Honnestly, I bought this device about 3 weeks ago. I indeed knew there were other phones a bit better, let's say the HTC Desire, or perhaps the new Incredible. The thing is that, since the Sony X10 only runs Android 1.6, it's a lot cheaper than those I previously named if you decide to keep your current provider. I won around 300€ ($400) by choosing this phone, which will eventually get the update toward Android 2.1 one day in the (near) future. So I would say it's a good deal. There's also the question of Multitouch : ok, it's not there and most probable never will but honnestly, it's not really not that big an issue : you can do without it quite well !

  • john

    well, i don't know about other people, but i AM going to pick this phone up when it arrives. even if the upgraded version is released in september, the people who get it as its released will still be offered the upgrade, so it's still a win. i believe with the features the phone currently has, combined with the upcoming upgrade will make this phone one to surely be reckoned with. i'm even switching carriers just to have it.