Socks The Twitter Cat: From 500,000 to 1.5M Followers

Who would have believed that a Cat has its own Twitter account? What makes laugh is the fact that a huge number of people I know have never heard of the micro-blogging site, so how can a cat? There is a cat named Socks that has his very own Twitter account and it followers were 500,000 halfway through 2009, that number has now risen to 1.5 million.

If you wish to follow him you will be sent updates on his daily thoughts, as with all cats this will be on food, sunshine and sleep. According to, he also likes playing with his friend Pennycat along with “Baron Von Shakymouse”. One of the most recent tweets has to do with his dirty paws, saying that they are not a crime, but what he does with them is.

The funny thing is, Socks or Sockington / Sockamillion has more followers than most celebrities. Imagine how they must feel, all the hard work they put in to gain media attention, and a cat does not even have to work for it.

Do you think that the world has gone Twitter crazy; it is bad enough following most humans, so why would we want to follow a cat. The person behind the profile is both very clever and funny, or has some deep issues – I would go with the former.



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