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Project Natal (Xbox 360): Dev Kit Shows Motorized Tilt Mechanism

We are hearing rumors suggesting the a Project Natal development kit which was sent to at least one tester featured a “motorized tilt mechanism”, this apparently tilts the camera.

In fact the documentation included warns against manually tilting the camera, which is unsurprising given the accuracy, which Project Natal will attempt to deliver.

Also the quick start guide apparently confirms that Project Natal Dev Kits connect to one of the Xbox 360’s USB ports and also requires mains power, this could change with the released version, however I doubt it as there are lots of components within the device.

Obviously as these Dev Kits are in affect early Project Natal concepts/prototypes the final release may in fact be completely different, therefore as we hear of confirmed specifications and details we will have to keep you posted.

Source: JoyStiq



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