Nokia aiming to have SLR-quality camera phones by 2011

By Alan Ng - Apr 21, 2010

We have some interesting news to bring you now, as Nokia’s Executive Vice President Anssi Vanjoki has revealed that the company are aiming to deliver camera phones with quality better than SLRs within the next 12 months.

As reported from NokNok, Nokia has always been a popular choice for camera lovers, thanks to their partnership with Carl Zeiss Optics, which usually deliver photo quality above average, especially when combined with Xenon flash.

When speaking in a recent interview with Reuters, Vanjoki had this to say: “There will be no need to carry around those heavy lenses. It will not take long, less than a year, when phones can record HD quality video and you can transfer it directly to your HD television set”.

While video quality on say the Nokia N900 is considered excellent as it is, the idea of true HD video recording is surely an exciting one for Nokia fans.

What are your thoughts about Nokia having SLR-quality camera phones though?

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