New iPhone 4G: Biggest feature could be battery?

By Alan Ng - Apr 21, 2010

While most people are getting excited about a front facing camera, or multitouch features within OS 4.0 of the upcoming iPhone 4G, the most signficant aspect of the phone might just be the inclusion of a larger battery.

After Gizmodo’s exclusive teardown of the device, we have been able to take an exact look at how big the battery is, compared to the iPhone 3GS. It is reported to be 19% larger, with the device itself considerably more compact in order to compensate the bigger battery.

While the larger battery will provide longer usage for iPhone users, the new battery will make the device 3 grams heavier than the iPhone 3GS. As with previous models, the battery is still not user-removable, as only a full disassembly of the device could provide such access to key components.

If you want to see close-up pictures of the iPhone 4G, head over to Apple Insider. Let us know your thoughts on this larger battery for the device.

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