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iPhone OS 4.0 Beta 2: Download SDK Now

A few weeks ago Apple unveiled to the world its preview of the iPhone OS 4.0, which was made available to devs on the same day. Now the new beta 2 and SDK is ready for download and with it comes a range of fixes for issues that developers experienced with the beta 1.

Softpedia has learned from a user on the Modmyi forum who has already downloaded the new version of iPhone OS 4.0 and said that there is a cool transition with app switching, he also notes that things seem much smoother than the previous version.

Those thinking of upgrading from beta 1 to beta 2 have been warned; this is because iTunes 9.1 currently offers no support for folder syncing. Those wishing to upgrade will need to uninstall Apple Application and Mobile Device Support before installing to the latest version of this SDK.

There are still a few bugs in beta 2, is disarranged and is still a complete mess. But that is what these beta tests are for, to iron out all of these bugs.


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