iPhone 4G, OS 4.0 Features: AT&T Support In 2010

By Peter Chubb - Apr 21, 2010

Much has been said over the past few weeks about the iPhone 4G and its iPhone OS 4.0 OS. We know by Apple’s preview event a couple of weeks back that the new mobile operating system will come with 100 new features, one of which is multitasking. However, we have to wonder if AT&T will be able to handle some of these new features?

Some people will not care about that at the moment, all they are interested in is the misplaced 4th-generation iPhone that has been getting all he media attention. But the idea that AT&T and its inability to handle OS 4.0 could play into the hands of Verizon – who has been tying to get hold of the iPhone since its launch back in 2007.

According to Business Week, a couple of the new features that AT&T could struggle with is the front-facing camera features, we all know that they only offer one-way video support at the moment, maybe they are working on a fix now. Another new feature on the iPhone 4G is its rumored Micro SIM, this will be a major headache for AT&T and those who already own an iPhone and want to upgrade.

Do you think that with some of these new changes, Verizon will finally get the iPhone?

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