Google Earth: World’s Longest Suspension Bridges

We have a treat for Google Earth fans now, as we have found some of the best images of the world’s longest suspension bridges for you to view and enjoy.

The images come to us courtesy of GEarthBlog, who have listed the 10 ten longest bridges in the world, and have given us instructions on how to view them using the Google Earth software.

You’ll be interested to know that out of the world’s top ten longest bridges, China have 5 of them including the Tsing Ma bridge in Hong Kong.

Japan boasts the longest suspension bridge in the world though, with the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge measuring a staggering 1,991m.

Head over to the GEarthBlog for the full top ten, and links on how you can view each one of them using Google Earth.

Have you travelled across any of these bridges?



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