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Dancing With the Stars: iPhone App Shows Elimination Results

One of the most popular shows on TV at the moment is Dancing With the Stars, but being able to keep up with all the action can often be difficult – that is where the iPhone app comes in. You will not only be able to vote, but you can get a recap of the show as well as the elimination results.

This app is a very important part of the voting system, allowing fans of the show to vote – no matter what. You will not have time this week to vote, you are too late. But at least you can get an update to all the latest behind the scenes action.

Tuesday is the day you need to check your app to learn who was voted off. If that was not enough, you can view the gallery of photos catching all the action from DWTS. The iPhone application also provides bios on all the stars and judges. The worst thing about this app is being able to put it down. For more details visit iTunes.



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