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BlackBerry OS 6.0: Multitouch Preview and New Screenshots

We have some exciting news for BlackBerry fans now as we have some exclusive first screenshots of OS 6.0 to show you, along with some unmissable details about the new software courtesy of BGR.

BGR have obtained the screenshots thanks to one of their unnamed AT&T sources, who also provided full details on version 6.0 of BlackBerry’s Operating System.

Firstly, the web browser has been given a complete makeover, as it now features tab switching, new favourites and wait for it, multitouch. Take a look at the third screenshot over at BGR, you have to say that RIM’s new transparent tab switching interface is pretty slick!

Music lovers will be pleased to hear that an all new media player has been added, which now allows users to swipe across albums and simply clicking to play your music of choice.

BGR also reveals that multitouch features pinch to zoom, while the homepage is now completely customizable, and offers multiple homepages, which you can simply slide to – Nokia N900 style.

For the full lowdown on BlackBerry OS 6.0 and to check out the pictures, head over to BGR for this exclusive. Let us know your initial impressions on OS 6.0.



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