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Batman Arkham Asylum 2: Mr Freeze Revealed on Twitter

It was only yesterday that we revealed to you that Two-Face would be appearing as a villain in Batman Arkham Asylum 2, but now we have more details on a few more well known bad guys, or girls!

As reported from VG247, rumors are now suggesting that Mr Freeze and Talia Al Ghul will be featured in the game, after both voice actors for the game left rather revealing tweets on their Twitter accounts.

They have since been deleted, but once again we have them for you here. A tweet from Maurice LaMarche, who voices Freeze said this: “I’ve only done a handful (video games), and I’m very lucky right now, I’m about to go in and do Mr. Freeze for Arkham Asylum 2.”

Meanwhile, Stana Katic was also at it on her Twitter account as she had this to say: “Just recorded a character voice on the next Batman video game. For those who were asking: I’m voicing Talia al Ghul, the daughter of Ra al Ghul (played by Liam Neeson in “Batman Begins”).”

So there we have it. That is two more characters added to the growing list for the sequel. Are you getting excited yet? I know, I am. If Arkham Asylum is anything like the first title, we are all in for a treat. Fact.

Let us know your thoughts on the inclusion of Mr.Freeze and Talia Al Ghul.



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