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Android Handsets: Google Map users get free Sat-Nav

We have some great news for owners of Android handsets in the UK and other parts of Europe now, as Google has just rolled out their free turn-by-turn sat-nav update for their Google Maps software.

As reported from ZDnet, the highly anticipated update lands some 6 months after U.S customers first got their hands on it, but we feel UK owners will be delighted with the new features.

Providing you are running Android 1.6 or higher, you’ll now get turn-by-turn voice commands, traffic conditions and Street Views too.

Google has stated that one of the main reasons for the delay for UK users, was the sheer amount of roundabouts in road layouts that Google had to accomodate.

Have you downloaded the update already? If so, let us know your thoughts on the new changes.


  • paul

    No – because I've got a hero and am stuck with android 1.5 because HTC won't pull their fingers out and get us the damned software update!

    And yes, I know that it's been "confirmed" for imminent release, but I'll believe it when it's my phone version software reads 2.1.


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