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Android 2.2 (Froyo) Update: Release Date and Nexus One Rumors

We have some exciting news for Android fans out there now, especially if you are in possession of one of the ‘newer’ Android handsets, as we have some details on Android 2.2, or ‘Froyo’ as it’s also known.

As reported from Phandroid, analyst reports have suggested that Google is already preparing test builds of Android 2.2 to release to developers.

Google are yet to disclose any official information on Android 2.2, but rumors have already gathered speed on what could be included as standard. These include Adobe Flash 10.1, FM Radio enable and the ability to free up additional RAM.

Even more interesting, Phandroid hints that Google might be preparing an unveil of Android 2.2 at their I/O conference in May, and that their Nexus One handset may be the first one to benefit from the upgrade via an OTA update.

It will be interesting to see further information pop out on Android 2.2, but I think many phone owners are happy just getting 2.1 at the moment – unless you’re a HTC Hero owner of course.

Let us know your thoughts on Android 2.2. Do you need it?


  • Deena

    When’s the release of android 2.2. am a new milestone user and I am desperately waiting for the 2.2. being an avid mobile user with an unlimited, data package, having a hp n not being able to use it as a modem is just a SIN!! any news when froyo would be available for the milestone????

  • Owen

    My understanding is that the Evo has a feature that will disable Sense UI, allowing native Android 2.1 OS to be utilized. If this is in fact correct might the upgrade to Froyo (2.2) be possible for Evo without waiting for custom upgrade from Google for inclusions for Sense UI?

  • decimus

    The biggest issue with the nexus one is its keyboard. The iPhone one isn’t ideal… however it’s many times better than this n1 offering.

    I would say the keyboard is the biggest n1disappointment.

  • joindoe

    Hell yeah! Bring on 2.2

    Btw. HTC Desire – has FM radio.

  • The Chef

    biggest problem with Nexus One IMO is the lack of app storage space. You cannot install apps to SD card and only get 192MB on the internal memory to play with.

    If 2.2 allows you to install to SD card, I will be very happy!! (increasing the 192MB limit to something slightly larger isn't gonna make too much difference). I was considering to go the root/custom ROM to achieve this, but hopefully won't have to.

  • Ronnell Cole

    I think 2.2 is needed because 2.1 isn't perfect. I have a nexus one and from experience there are some bugs to be worked out. Of course we need 2.2 especially for flash 10.1

    • Carl

      Hey I back u up 100% there are so many things I want them to fix I too own the N1 and really looking foward for this update

  • Ronnell Cole

    I think 2.2 is needed because 2.1 isn't perfect. I have a nexus one and from experience there are some bugs to be worked out. Of course we need 2.2 especially for flash 10.1

  • Locozozi

    Even more important than Flash – for the enterprise people around us – will the severely broken & limited Exchange ActiveSync feature fully work?

    You can’t imagine how many organisations are blocking/postponing Android adaptation be cause of that…

  • beefyburt

    Im so chuffed with my 2.0.1 Milestone, and any improvement is just beyond wonderfull. Cant wait.

  • just somme dude

    No mention of app2sd, mmm

  • Ian

    FM Radio enable? Does any current Android hardware have an FM setup now? I thought Sprint's 4G EVO was going to be the first.

    • david

      There is in fact a great fm radio app called Tunein and its free. its actually the best radio app i have come acroos and i use it all the time and i have tried plenty of them but had to unistall it cause some of them were exclively for certain areas and most just were very crappy. so go to the market app and search for it. i'm sure you guys will love it.

  • Ian

    FM Radio Enable — do any Android phones have an FM radio setup in them already? I thought Sprint's 4G EVO was the first?

    • Wasim

      no, Nexus has it, but they disabled it….google also disabled the multicolor trackballs and LED notifications, but Froyo should fix that! Can’t wait to get this update on my Nexus! it’s gonna be pretty cool!

      • kdmorris777

        Actually, the HTC Droid Incredible has an FM Radio built in, and it sounds great!

  • gerald

    im waiting for the update 2.2 cant wait.

  • niname

    If google release android 2.2 without solving the fragmentation issue Im realy disappointment about android OS and my htc hero.

    • Ian

      I'd heard that they were fixing it in the release *after* Froyo … but the carriers will still have to let you upgrade to THAT version before the fragmentation will truly be fixed.

    • HcMAX

      To answer your question, which a good one, from what I have heard to fix the fragmentation issues, the 2.2 update will be release has an android market app so that any end-user with android device is able and as the possibility to download it…

      Hope it’s true…it will be a great deal fixing this issue….


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