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Visual Studio 2010: New Features and Pricing

There are five version of Visual Studio 2010, and understanding which is the perfect one for you will be down to two things – features and price. There is two ways how you can obtain your copy, as a new full copy or as an upgrade – the latter offering a huge discount over the former.

TechRepublic has spent some time with Visual Studio 2010, and has concluded that those with older version should consider it a worthwhile upgrade. The first thing that you need to know is how you can write code against a number of versions on the .NET Framework and CLR.

Some of the best features that will be of interest to those considering buying a new copy or upgrade are: IntelliTrace, Multiple monitor support, Parallel Extensions Library and much more.

TechRepublic spoke to a number of people who have already begun using the new software, and the consensus is how much better it is to use over the older version. See the price list of the five different versions below:

  • Professional with MSDN Essential: $799
  • Professional with MSDN: $1,199
  • Premium with MSDN: $5,469
  • Ultimate with MSDN: $11,899
  • Test Professional with MSDN: $2,169

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