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Verizon Users: Droid Incredible, or want iPhone 4G?

The news that Verizon will start to ship the new HTC DROID Incredible on April 29 has sparked a huge debate, there are those that believe that the Big red does not need the iPhone 4G on the network. However, many users state that the carrier still needs the Apple Smartphone.

One of our readers suggested that both Apple and Verizon need each other if they want to earn the big money – all the time they stay apart they are losing out. AT&T have enjoyed a great partnership with Apple since 2007, this has now been strengthen with a new iPad deal. This was yet another blow for Verizon, most of us assumed that The Big Red would be one of those offering a data plan for the new Apple tablet device.

Verizon has a superb phone with the HTC Droid Incredible, but it is not going to be a worldwide success like the iPhone. Apple could almost guarantee several million iPhone sales if they offered the handset to Verizon, something that the Incredible could not.

Verizon users now fear that the carrier will not fight to get the iPhone 4G as they now have what is thought to be the best Android handset yet – this would be a costly mistake.

Do Verizon users want the Droid Incredible, or the iPhone 4G?



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