Toyota Agrees Record Fine but Denies Violations

Yesterday troubled Japanese automaker; Toyota agreed to pay a record fine of $16.4 million over the recent recall scandal. However, they announced that they would not admit any wrongdoing. The U.S. government must have agreed to it as the fine is to be paid within 30 days.

Autoblog learned from Detroit News that the fine could have been $6,000 per vehicle that was involved in the recall, which would have amounted to $13.8 billion – so Toyota got of light considering. This is the largest civil fine ever imposed by the U.S. government; let us hope that lessons have been learned

Toyota has been open about the recent troubles regarding brake and accelerator pedal issues, saying that they could have done a better job. The largest automaker in the world is now taking steps that something like this will never happen again.

This does seem funny considering they have now issued another recall for its Lexus GX 460 SUV, which you can read more about in our recent post.



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