Tony Hawk’s Shred: Release confirmed on Twitter

By Alan Ng - Apr 20, 2010

We have some surprising details to bring you now, as Tony Hawk has seemingly confirmed the title to the follow up game to Tony Hawk’s RIDE, with a recent tweet spilling the beans.

As reported from VG247, Tony Hawk has tweeted that the next game will be titled ‘Shred’. The tweet in question has since been removed from his profile, but luckily we have it for you below:

”Tony Hawk: Shred. There, I said it. Actually, I named it. Somewhere a PR team is reeling.”

That last part is pretty interesting. He obviously thought he’d just tell everyone about the title, and not worry about what Activision thought of it. He IS Tony Hawk after all.

Do you like the new name or not? It’s a known fact that RIDE wasnt a great game, so fans of Hawk’s games will be praying that Shred delivers.

Hopefully we’ll be able to bring you more news on this soon.

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