Tobacco Mints and Poisoning: Shaped like cell phones

When I was a child I used to have candy cigarettes, people now argue that giving them to children could lead to them smoking when older – well I do not smoke and never intend too. But parents should worry about giving their children smokeless tobacco mints, as there is now research that it could be poisoning them.

Do not get me wrong, I am not saying that parents give them to their children, but they need to make certain that they never try these products. They look like cell phones, which is why children love to try them, but as they are laced with nicotine, they are a danger to young children.

According to Oral Cancer News almost 600 kids a year accidentally consume smokeless tobacco products, and there are fears that this number will grow as more dissolvable tobacco products are released. It does seem strange how these companies are able to get around tough-new anti-smoking laws.

These companies should be forced to not make their tobacco products look like candy, or even cell phones – it is for this reason why they are drawing the attention of young children.



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