New iPhone 4G: What it means for gaming

We have an interesting article to show you now, which lists a number of reasons why the latest prototype shown for the iPhone 4G will potentially shake up the gaming industry this Summer.

The article comes to us courtesy of the guys over at Kotaku, who like us, have been getting very excited on the possibilities that this iPhone model could have in terms of gaming.

Firstly, the addition of a front camera changes everything. Imagine Apple creating a game where you’ll be able to take a picture of yourself in-game and use it accordingly in whatever genre of game you’re playing.

Then combine that front camera with the likes of the accelerometer, augmented reality – and we have some very exciting possibilities indeed. We hope Apple are already thinking along these lines – as that would REALLY send out a message to the likes of Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft.

Kotaku also lists the possibility of head-tracking within the iPhone 4G which is best described by watching the included video in their article.

What are your thoughts on the ideas mentioned above? Do you think they could be a reality within the next iPhone or not?



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